Letter Workbook

Letter Workbook is an interactive educational app. Kids will have fun learning how to write the alphabet and build vocaburary with sound from each letter.

Your child has the choice of learning to write uppercase and lowercase letters from A to Z. Each letter starts with interactive dots to guide the finger to trace the lines that build up the whole letter. The graphic above the letter shows the vocaburary with sound which can be repeated anytime.

The app will instruct your child with sound to trace the letter without the interactive guide from the second to sixth letter. Then a clear audio instruction is given to ask the child to trace the letter without the guide. This will help your child develop faster step by step.

While completing the letters sparkling stars appear with sound effects and when a letter is completed the child will receive a green tick icon with sound indicating that the letter traced is correct. When the letter is traced incorrectly there will be an alarm sound and red crossed icon. Therefore your child will be encouraged to trace and write the letter correctly.

Your kids will recognise all the letters and able to write them in no time!